Meters Made Beautiful - TV Interview

Posted by Francesca Gagliano on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Check out some air time I received in support of public art in downtown Royal Oak!

Arts, Beats & Eats partnered with The Royal Oak Commission for the Arts in presenting Meters Made Beautiful, a permanent public art exhibition currently located on Washington and 4th Avenues in downtown Royal Oak. This is a juried show and there are monetary prizes! My meter, Royal Oak to Detroit, took 17 hours to complete. I have no idea why. It's detailed but it seems a bit long. I arrived 7:00AM Saturday, August 27th and worked until 2:30PM when it was rained out by a torrential down pouring thunderstorm. I began work Sunday the 28th at 8:00AM and finished just before 5:30PM. The black and white "Dwell in Possibility" street facing side was completed Saturday and the Royal Oak to Detroit sunset sidewalk side was completed on Sunday. 

The Meters Made Beautiful project was conceived by Arts, Beats and Eats employee, Kyle Slaga, who directed and organized the event. The city commission and ABE said that they would like to paint meters again next year and perhaps plan for subsequent years to complete the entire downtown. 

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