Irish Blessing Prayer Cards

Posted by Francesca Gagliano on Friday, July 15, 2016

I began making these Irish Blessing prayer cards for certain family members of mine who at the time were experiencing grief and I wanted to reach out in some way. Creating these cards reignited my graduate school fascination for lamination and began making more cards and giving them to people who I intuited would enjoy them. 

Cards have been given to: my godfather, aunt,three of my best friends, my mentor, a family friend, my mother, a flower woman painting with watercolors in Millennium Park, a handsome young man sitting on the ground holding a sign on Michigan Ave, the lady who sat across from me on the Red Line and gave money to a man who needed it and a 2-year-old girl on an Amtrak train whose father lost his patience and needed a moment of peace, a soul sister of mine, another soul sister, her mother and grandmother in honor of their late family member, three "Infinite Love" women, a man who worked on the computer next to me at FedEx while I laminated/cut cards, a dear friend and her son in honor of her dad and his grandpa.  


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