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Posted by Francesca Gagliano on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Recently I became the Secretary for the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) and at one of our meetings last night I brought chocolate coins to give to each of the board members to offer them good fortune and good luck. In honor of a new beginning for the CAID I want to give as much hope, positivity and tastiness to those of us on the team. Some of the members did not show up and so I had several coins left over (I bought quite a few). While walking down the street to a Detroit bar, The Bronx, to get our letter notarized by a sweet whiskey-voiced woman, I passed several people on the street and decided to hand the chocolate coins to them to wish them good luck and fortune as well. 

Two asian men with backpacks in deep discussion were walking by and I offered them each a coin and we bowed our heads to each other and I said, "May you have Good Fortune."

I approached three black men wearing Rastafarian colors, two of whom had dread lochs. I gave each of them a coin and said the same, "May you have Good Fortune." One of the men hugged me and said, "You know about the love," and I said, "I do."

In small ways we can accomplish powerful, if only momentary, connections. I believe that it is in these small moments of giving where we can give and receive communion with strangers, who in the great universe, are our family: brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends. 

Give what you can: a smile, hello, nod---acknowledgement. 

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