Art for Charlie Foundation Art Show & Auction

Posted by Francesca Gagliano on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Art for Charlie Foundation
Art Show & Auction 2015

Date: November 6, 2015
  Marriott at University Place
Address: 300 M.A.C. Ave. East Lansing, MI 48823
Time: 6:30PM
Phone: (517) 337-4440

The Art for Charlie Foundation is made up of miracle workers who give Love and provide support to children who are in hospice, their families and to those families bereaved by the death of a child.

The care that Art for Charlie gives is powerful and I admire the foundation immensely. I give my love to the Art for Charlie community, the children and families it helps and to those who are bereaved and grieving. I hope that the art at this auction brings love, light, grace and joy to you.

I donated "When the Sun Sets" because I envision it bringing some child or family joy. I painted the piece shortly after returning home to the U.S. from having traveled through Italy and Europe for four months. The girl faery playing a wood flute brings music to the piece and plays for the fox and her guardian spirit who come to listen to and watch over her. When I look at "When the Sun Sets" I am filled with the beauty of my travels and also of missing those memories. My favorite vista was in the Italian Riviera atop a mountain in Moneglia. I stayed in a home at the edge of a great cliff whose sides were covered in Olive trees. The view was of the surrounding mountains, ocean and the town center. This was a very peaceful place for me. My hope is that this piece brings Peace to those who see it at the Art show & Auction and that it brings Peace to the home where it will live and also to the Art for Charlie foundation. 

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