7th Annual Venus Rising Show - 2019

Posted by Francesca Gagliano on Saturday, May 25, 2019
I'm going to be updating my blog more often. This past year has been about learning how to use my voice and the blog is going to support this gift.

Venus Rising is an all women show produced by Fancy Pants Entertainment. In the producer's words, "The goal of this event is to raise community awareness to all of the amazing female artists that are in the Southeast Michigan area, and honor all of the different types of art media that these women use to pursue their artistic ambitions and careers."
Yahoo!  I am grateful for the opportunity to show my art and alongside so many awesome women with vision. 
This year two of my pieces were shown, The Wheel of Time & Fortune, as well as The 6 of Hearts. 

These two pieces were works I created nearly 12 years ago while in grad school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was making a large scale tarot deck that was mixed media and worked with fluorescents to be shown under black light. 

In a lot of calls for art, the curator asks for recent works, which usually refers to a 2-5 year time period. Their reasoning was to promote artists who continue to make art and are presently making art. I see this perspective but disagree with it. Art can be timeless and depending on a themed show, particular older works might be just the piece or pieces to display. Lucky for me, Fancy Pants didn't ask for recent work so I was able to go through my art archives and find these two babes. AND these pretty thangs found a home, together. Yay for art finding a home so it can be SHOWN year-round rather than in my art closet. And YAY for making a sale. 

For more information about the meaning behind each of the pieces, click on the images below. 


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