Irish Blessings grew from a moment of wanting to connect with my godfather. His father had passed away and I wanted to send him something meaningful and reflective. From this exchange grew a desire to connect to others by giving intuitively in small ways. I wanted to create a lasting reminder to the intended receiver that he or she is acknowledged and seen. Each blessing is around 3 1/2" x 4"  and is laminated for protection, preservation and reflection. 
For the woman who painted small watercolors in Millenium Park, the boy who held a sign and sat behind it on the Michigan avenue bridge, the woman who gave to the man who hunkered in the in-between space of the el train, the man who hunkered, the woman who works at the FedEx who helps me laminate, the man who worked alongside me one day while I laminated, the older woman who needed help finding coffee, a friend who lent her couch, my godfather, my friend, her mother and grandmother, old and dear friends, family members, those who have felt loss--the family on the train who felt overwhelmed and to the man who asked me if I could take him home.